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About the Farm.

The original blueberry crop was planted in 1974. Since then it has expanded and is now known as Litchfield Hills Blueberry Farm, a family owned and operated farm since 1998. Every summer hundreds of visitors come from across the Northeast and New England. They retreat to enjoy the scenic view while they pick from the many varieties of the 12,000 Highbush blueberry bushes nestled on a 30 acre hillside over looking the Litchfield Hills.

The berry season at Litchfield Hills provides a well-planned combination of early, mid, and late, season crop of several varieties of blueberries. Highbush blueberry plants can grow 8-12 feet tall. Many varieties are exceptionally suitable for Zone 5. We prune our bushes to about 5-6 feet tall in order to accommodate easy, reachable picking.


Litchfield Hills has many different varieties of blueberries.

Medium-large berry size, early ripening, heavy crop of aromatic lightly flavored berries, very hardy, our shortest variety at about 4 feet.

Very large berries with excellent flavor, a mid-season variety with productive clusters of tight berries.

Large, light-colored blue mid-season berry with loose clusters, very good flavor, highly popular variety that travels/ships well.

Very large (customers refer to this berry as 'almost plums'), hardy and productive on loose clusters, excellent flavor.

Hardy and productive, loose clusters, very large berry with good flavor, mid to late-season ripening.

Delicious flavorful medium size berry, very popular for jams, jellies, sauces, and just plain snacking, loose clusters, highly productive, mid-season ripening.

Popular early-season variety, dense foliage on a 'shorter' highbush of about 4-5 feet, very productive, excellent flavor.

An outstanding early-season variety, vigorous growth with very large fruit size and excellent flavor.

Please note that variety availability varies season to season and week to week. Maintenance of a healthy, productive Blueberry crop, is relative to the thoroughness in which each bush is harvested. Daily picking sites depend precisely on maturity of ripening berries. A berry that is 'blue' in color, is not necessarily 'ripe' or at it's harvest peak. This is why you may pass several great looking, irresistible bushes on your way to the 'picking site'. Just know we are bringing you to the 'best berry today'. We hope you vary your visit times to sample all the delicious varieties! Enjoy!

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